My name is Tomas, I'm a professional & consistently profitable FX trader and I'm here to help you maximize the returns on your capital.
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The Inception FX Fund

Currently open!

  • This fund offers 1:1 replication of trades from the personal account of Tomas Vyšniauskas;
  • Tomas is a seasoned full-time Forex trader who has achieved above-market-average profitability, and he's also the founder of TraderWise;
  • Profitability: 13.8%/month on average, or 6x more than Warren Buffett's return;
  • Tomas trades on the professional side of the Forex market only, giving you unrivaled benefit of his well developed professional understanding of how the Forex market works;
  • This fund is private and accepts 20 investors only*;
  • Fees: 50% success fee. No management, sign-up or any other fees;
  • Weekly compounding to accelerate your account growth;
  • Withdraw & cancel on-demand;
  • Licensed & reputable broker;
  • You control your account: serviced via private PAMM, LPOA signed;
  • Investment range: € 60.000 - € 1.000.000 (or equivalent)*;
  • * Subject to change with 1-month prior notice to existing investors

How I trade?

I was trained 1-on-1 by a seasoned professional forex trader who has been consistently profitable for the last 14 years.

I trade the professional side of the market. I make my decisions based on my professional understanding of how the forex market works.

I do not enter into the market if I am not fully confident about where the price is going to go. I do not shoot in the dark, I do not try to approximate what's going to happen based on what has happened in the past, I do not play with reward/risk, leverage or position sizing.

I trade responsibly and I only trade when I know where the price is going.

Is your capital protected?

I use PAMM technical solution. The managed account belongs to you, you retain full control and rights to this account - meaning that you can cancel our agreement and withdraw your funds if you decide to.

The account is kept at a reputable and regulated broker. I manage the account via PAMM after signing the Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) agreement. It means that I can only trade your account, but I cannot make withdrawals from your account other than my success fee so your funds are always safe.

Your account receives 1:1 replication of my personal live account, meaning that I handle your capital with the same level of responsibility as in my personal account. You will not find this in most investment funds where you pay hefty management fees and get miserable returns because the managers earn their salary independently of the trading results.

How is the profit shared?

There's no admin nor management nor inflation fees. There's also no upfront payments to get started.

The only fee that I charge is 50% success fee that is deducted from the profits that I generate on your managed account.

It's a win-win agreement - if I bring profit, you and I make money together. If I don't bring profit then nobody makes money.

The minimum amount to invest is €60 000 or equivalent in your currency.

Is trial available?

I do not share my trading methods publicly, but I am happy to give 1-2 weeks access to my trading feed for qualified individual investors (phone interview and proof of funds required). The feed is provided free of charge, but you're not allowed to copy the feed to your live trading account.

I am also happy to demonstrate how I trade to a potential investor 1-on-1 during live market conditions. This offer is only available to those who have taken my professional forex training course and have signed a non-disclosure-agreement (NDA). The training course is delivered personally 1-on-1 in live market conditions and takes 15-30 hours to complete. Contact for details and pricing.

How to join?

Introduce yourself by sending an email to [email protected] indicating the country of your primary residence. That is needed due to licensing requirements.

Let me know about your primary goals, risk profile and previous trading experience. If I see we're a good fit for each other, I'll be happy to help you.


  • TraderWise Journal - automated trading journal for traders & other tools - created by me;
  • Blog - my personal blog where I post my monthly trading reviews and more;
  • LinkedIn - my professional profile;
  • YouTube - my channel where I share my thoughts about trading;


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Affiliates are welcome. You will receive 10% recurring commission from my performance fees. Contact me to enroll as an affiliate. All affiliates are subject to approval.

The Trident Capital and The Inception FX Fund are trademarks of a private PAMM managed account service provided by Tomas Vyšniauskas, a professional FX trader. The PAMM technical solution is provided by a reputable and licensed broker. Past performance is not an indication of future's results. Do not invest more than what you can afford to lose.